3 days tours & more

Ruta a la Costa

A trip to the Pacific Coast that goes through the craft-making villages of the Central Valley, the high country of San Jose del Pacifico and the private tropical garden of Hagia Sofia.

3 days

El Pacifico

Visit several beach towns, check out sea turtles, learn about the local conservation and economic projects and…

4 days

Las Fincas de Cafe

Travel from Oaxaca over the mountains to visit an historical coffee plantation deep in Oaxaca’s coffee country.

4 days

Pueblos Mancomunados

This ecotourism project was developed by eight Zapotec villages and has become a model for all México.

1 to 6 days

Santo Domingo Cacalotepec (in COVID lockdown)

Discover coffee country deep in the Mesophilous forest of the Sierra Norte.

3 days