Isla de Soyaltepec

Boat out to a tropical island in a fresh-water reservoir to explore and kayak

The island of Soyaltepec – Hill of the Palms – is in the middle of the enormous Miguel Aleman reservoir (4,000 hectares – 10,000 acres).  When the reservoir was created in the 1940’s it flooded an entire valley leaving only the ancient town of Soyaltepec on the valley’s highest hill – surrounded by thousands of smaller islands.

This is hot lowland Oaxaca and Mazatec country as well.  Three hundred Mazatec families populate the island maintaining their culture and language.  (They only speak Spanish with people from outside the community.)  We are able to visit through the grace of a small ecotourism cooperative that is eager to show their island paradise to visitors.  Fresh fish and fresh fruit to enjoy, thatched-roof cabañas and a glimpse of a remote community in a delightful island setting!


Fascinating isolated island community

Swimming and boating

Brush up on your Mazatec !