Santa Catarina Lachatao


A recently rediscovered ancient Zapotec site

Santa Catarina Lachatao is one of the original villages of the Pueblos Mancomunados. The community was founded long before European contact. New archeological information suggests it was an important spiritual and ceremonial center for the Zapotec people and an important stop on the trade route coming from the northern mountains to the central valleys.

The tour starts with a visit to the Lachatao’s small museum where post-contact and pre-Hispanic artifacts are on display. From there we walk to Jaguar Hill, the old Zapotec ceremonial site. The site was re-discovered in 2009 by a Oaxacan artist and anthropology lover.  The community then began to use the site once again for ceremonies. The views alone – a panorama from eastern to western horizon – are well worth the walk.

We drive back to Oaxaca after a great lunch in the community’s restaurant.


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