The ancient Route to the Coast

A trip to the Pacific Coast that goes through the craft-making villages of the Central Valley, the high country of San Jose del Pacifico and the coffee plantations of Pluma Hidalgo.

3 days

Santiago Apoala

A gorgeous river canyon of mythical and historical significance.

2 days

San Miguel del Valle – Cueva de la Iglesia

High pine forest with some grand views, a lovely reservoir and a rocky canyon.

1 day

Llano Grande

High-country cloud forest with great views and a variety of vegetation.

1 day

Santa Catarina Ixtepeji

Ancient high-country cloud forest with amazing vegetation.

1 day


A pre-Hispanic trade route along a charming river.

1 day

Paso del Coyote

Medicinal plants, mountain agriculture and a little non-technical rock climbing.

1 day

Zapotitlan de las Salinas – San Juan Raya

A rarely visited UNESCO World Heritage Site with dinosaur footprints and fossils.

2 days

Santiago Quiotepec – Santa Maria Tecomavaca

Impressive ruins of a Zapotec fortress. See the last remaining green macaws in Mexico.

2 days

Benito Júarez

An easy hike that includes the option of a three-part zip-line (!) and a hanging suspension bridge.

1 day

Santa Catarina Lachatao

A recently rediscovered ancient Zapotec site.

1 day

Pueblos Mancomunados

This ecotourism project was developed by eight Zapotec villages and has become a model for all México.

1 to 6 days

The Caves of Mitla

Hike to pre-Hispanic caves in the birthplace of corn.

1 day

Las Fincas de Cafe

Travel from Oaxaca over the mountains to visit an historical coffee plantation deep in Oaxaca’s coffee country.

4 days


A beautiful woodland hike with historical gold mining sites.

1 day

The Ancient Crafts

Visit the homes and workshops of craftspeople in Zapotec villages.

1 day