Santiago Apoala

A gorgeous river canyon of mythical and historical significance

Santiago Apoala is located in a dramatic and beautiful valley of the Sierra Mixteca – the mountains north of Oaxaca city.

On the first day we hike to the village along a river that is a joy to discover and also of great cultural importance to the Mixtec people.

The village itself – on a mesa at the head of the canyon – was the pre-Hispanic center of Mixtec society.

The river irrigates the village – lush fields of corn, wheat and beans surrounded by a rare mix of banana trees, pines, pomegranates, oranges and figs! The river drops off the mesa past the village forming a waterfalls.

The second day’s hike leads to the waterfalls and cool pools for some refreshing dips. A good trip for the family.



Picturesque swimming holes on the river

Two days inside a dramatic canyon