The Ancient Crafts

Visit the homes and workshops of craftspeople in Zapotec villages

The central valley of Oaxaca is rich in Zapotec culture.  In many of these communities Zapotec is still spoken, beautiful pottery is still fired and gorgeous thick wool rugs are still hand-woven.   The crafts, the ceremonies and the festivals are all fascinating aspects of a life that has been sustained for thousands of years through the farming of corn, squash and beans.

Here are the basket makers of San Juan Guelavia and the women from San Marcos Tlapazola who make beautiful pottery out of red clay.  Visit the families who weave rugs in San Miguel del Valle and the candle-makers of Teotitlan del Valle.

This is a chance to meet Zapotec artists in their homes.  A memorable opportunity that’s off the beaten track.


Visiting different villages

Meeting the craftspeople and watching them at work