Whether admiring fossils on an ancient sea bed or strolling through an age-old Mixtec village with its 16th century church – you’ll be following a route defined by its rich history and dramatic scenery.

De las Nubes

Most visitors to Mexico are surprised to discover the mossy pine-clad mountains of northern Oaxaca. Clouds and storms blowing in from the Gulf are caught here and the result is cloud forest – cool green woods with deep blue sky.


Del Maíz

This is the birthplace of corn. Farming allowed the wandering hunter-gatherers to build homes and create stable communities. Take a tour of ancient history and visit the homes and workshops of craftspeople in Zapotec villages.

Del Café Tropical

Follow this route over the pine wood forest of the coastal mountains through the coffee land into the richly varied ecosystems of the Pacific Ocean.

Truly awesome!

Recommended Tours

Santo Domingo Cacalotepec

Discover coffee country deep in the Mesophilous forest of the Sierra Norte.

3 days

Santiago Quiotepec – Santa Maria Tecomavaca

Impressive ruins of a Zapotec fortress. See the last remaining green macaws in Mexico.

2 days

San Miguel del Valle – Cueva de la Iglesia

High pine forest with some grand views, a lovely reservoir and a rocky canyon.

1 day